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Hi from Roy in Melbourne Australia

WHY ?.....
Well you may ask, I got fed up searching through books and magazines to find bit's and pieces of information on a particular vehicle.
Most times the lay-out differed from publication to publication,and more often some of the information was just not there, so I kept buying more books and magazines to find the answers.
I decided the logical answer for me was to collate all the information into a database so that I could find all the info for any vehicle in one place. I also arranged my images to display and show the detail about the vehicle from the database
Putting this on the web was just my way of sharing my love and information about these wonderful machines with everyone.
It started at, but the increasing size of the galleries meant I had to split them up to make them easier to access. So I thought why not give the trolleybus their own site This is the result, hope you enjoy it and find it easy to use

Roy A Vandersteen